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    • Home and Abroad Public Forum: The Climate Crisis
      This CFR Home and Abroad Public Forum discusses current and projected climate change, options for reducing emissions, and policies to help communities adapt to a changing climate. This event is part of CFR’s Home and Abroad series, which explores issues at the nexus of U.S. domestic and foreign policy that affect America’s role in the world.
    • The Evolving Military Balance in the Taiwan Strait
      Panelists discuss the risk of an armed conflict between the United States and China over Taiwan and how the United States should adapt its defense strategy to meet the China challenge.
    • Virtual Roundtable: The Future of Hong Kong
    • C. Peter McColough Series on International Economics With Tiff Macklem
      Tiff Macklem of the Bank of Canada discusses the major trends and challenges facing the global financial architecture, what’s at stake for Canada, and how to evolve it for the 21st century. The C. Peter McColough Series on International Economics brings the world's foremost economic policymakers and scholars to address members on current topics in international economics […]
    • Academic Webinar: Balancing the Indo-Pacific
    • Young Professionals Briefing: The Future of Democracy Around the World
      Panelists discuss democratic backsliding, the rights of marginalized populations living under authoritarian regimes, and the prospects for and obstacles against democratic movements around the world. The CFR Young Professionals Briefing Series provides an opportunity for those early in their careers to engage with CFR. The briefings feature remarks by experts on critical global issues and […]
    • The Latest Developments on COVID-19
      Our panelists discuss the latest COVID-19 developments, the risks of the Delta variant, mask and vaccine mandates, booster shots, and the possible ramifications of many students and workers returning to in-person settings.
    • The Changing Landscape of Terrorism in the United States
    • Virtual Roundtable: The Rise of Economic Inequality
      The rich have gotten richer as workers’ wages have stagnated, social mobility has declined, and regional economic divisions have sharpened. Who wouldn’t be angry? In this second session in The Threats to American Democracy Roundtable Series, two of the world’s leading authorities on the subject discuss. The Threats to American Democracy Roundtable Series explores various […]
    • Supply Chain Economy: Understanding Innovation in Services
      Supply chains are an integral part of the American economy and actively drive U.S. innovation. However, what is included in the term has lacked an empirical definition. Reviewing the suppliers and creating a new categorization that separates supply chain industries (i.e., those that sell their goods and services primarily to other businesses or governments) from […]


    Leaving The EU is much more complicated than we all thought. Do we continue in it and change the rules.

    Employment- We still need to allow employers employ Euro Nationals. We have do not have enough trained educated candidates in the UK. Extreme control over stopping immigration will be harmful and disaster for us.

    Trade- its good that we could get trading with who we want. There is still a strong need to continual trading with Europe.running the two systems would be better for all EU Members

    • Members pursue convergence for an IP COVID-19 response
      At a meeting of the Council for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) on 13-14 October 2021, WTO members noted encouraging exchanges at recent small group discussions and bilateral meetings which helped to identify points of convergence on how to provide a common intellectual property (IP) response to COVID-19. The chair of the TRIPS […]
    • Turkey launches safeguard investigation on grinding balls and similar articles for mills
      On 13 October 2021, Turkey notified the WTO’s Committee on Safeguards that it initiated on 9 October 2021 a safeguard investigation on grinding balls and similar articles for mills.
    • Trade Policy Review: Republic of Korea
      The eighth review of the trade policies and practices of the Republic of Korea takes place on 13 and 15 October 2021. The basis for the review is a report by the WTO Secretariat and a report by the Government of the Republic of Korea.
    • New webpage to mark government procurement pact anniversary
      The WTO released on 12 October a new webpage to mark a dual anniversary for the WTO’s plurilateral Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA). The first version of the Agreement was adopted 40 years ago in 1981, during the days of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), while the first WTO GPA entered into […]
    • WTO briefs members and observers on COVID-19 related initiatives and analysis
      Over 180 representatives from 111 members and observers participated on 12 October in a virtual information session on the WTO Secretariat’s work to support equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.
    • WTO issues new edition of “Trade Profiles”
      The WTO issued today (11 October) the latest edition of its annual statistical publication, Trade Profiles, which provides a series of key indicators on merchandise trade and trade in commercial services for 197 economies.
    • Market Access Committee updates WTO members on COVID-19 trade-related measures
      At the formal meeting of the Committee on Market Access on 11 October, members were updated on trade-related measures related to COVID-19 and on the Joint Indicative List of Critical COVID-19 Vaccine Inputs compiled by the WTO Secretariat. Members also heard the report by the chair of the Committee, Mr Chakarin Komolsiri of Thailand, on […]
    • West African nations urged to use regional value chains as means to diversify exports
      Maintaining open value chains and predictable mechanisms to support them is key to ensure access to goods and services needed for industrial development and job creation in West Africa, Mr Eloi Laourou, Senior Advisor to the WTO Director-General, said on 11 October. Speaking at a conference co-organised by the University Cheikh Anta Diop (Senegal) and […]
    • DDG Zhang: A successful MC12 is critical for reinvigorating the WTO
      Speaking at the Fifth Singapore-WTO Policy Dialogue on the World Trading System on 11 October, Deputy Director-General Xiangchen Zhang underlined the importance for WTO members to deliver concrete results at the organization’s upcoming 12th Ministerial Conference (MC12). He briefed senior government officials from the Asia-Pacific region on the state of play in key areas of […]
    • WTO issues papers on vaccine inputs tariffs and bottlenecks on critical COVID-19 products
      The WTO Secretariat has published two information notes on issues relating to the manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines.