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    • Screening and Discussion of "A La Calle"
      Panelists discuss the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela as the country continues to face high rates of poverty, unemployment, and even starvation. A La Calle (“To the Street”) is a firsthand account of the extraordinary efforts of ordinary Venezuelans to reclaim their democracy from the Nicolás Maduro administration. Working with a network of clandestine camera crews, the filmmakers […]
    • The Future of Europe
      Panelists discuss the multiple challenges facing Europe today, including the public health and economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, Brexit, continued threats of nationalism, Russian influence, and relations with the United States.
    • CFR Master Class With Adam Segal
      Adam Segal discusses the evolution of China's technology policy and how it has changed the U.S.-China relationship.  The CFR Master Class Series is a biweekly 45-minute session hosted by Vice President and Deputy Director for Studies Shannon O’Neil in which a CFR fellow will take a step back from the news and discuss the fundamentals essential […]
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      President von der Leyen discusses her vision for a new transatlantic agenda, prospects for cooperation between the European Union and the United States, and the future of multilateralism.
    • A Conversation With House Armed Services Chairman Adam Smith
      Adam Smith discusses his role as chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and the need for the United States to address growing competition with China.
    • Faith and Polarization in 2020 Part 2
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    • A Conversation With Vice Admiral Robert Sharp
      Vice Admiral Robert Sharp discusses the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disaster response efforts, partnerships with industry and academia, and its future support toward U.S. foreign policy objectives.
    • Academic Webinar: The Road to Peace in Afghanistan
      Rina Amiri, senior fellow at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs, discusses prospects for peace in Afghanistan, including the fate of the U.S.-Taliban peace deal, Afghan women’s roles in peace and security, and the outlook for intra-Afghan negotiations.
    • A Conversation With Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh of the Palestinian Authority
      Prime Minister Shtayyeh discusses the Palestinian Authority’s relations with the United States, its security and economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the broader Middle East peace process. 

    Why Focus on Africa and not Europe

    Our trade with Europe is hundreds of Billions. Why is The Government having a trade mission to Africa. Our trade with them is less than 10 Billion.

    Why are we pushing a Cabinet Brexit document to the EU that does not improve our chances of promoting trade to America.

    Why is the government focusing on a compromise with The EU that is worse than being in The EU,

    It is clear that The Government is unable to agree themselves and they are coming up with a document that is a compromise and is a complete waste of time.

    Its not a good idea to destroy ourselves. It is better to stay in Europe and push for reforms within the Union.

    Second Referendum is our only hope

    The Election failed to show us any way forward.We are now in a worse situation.
    We have to reconsider our situation and ask the public to reconsider their situation NOW before we negotiate with the EU
    We need to have another referendum.
    We also need to state on the voting document

    If we vote out it will make us poorer.

    If we vote in our economy will be better

    Another hole in the head for The Government

    Now The Government is on the back seat mainly because of their own demise. in The Election.

    The only answer now is a soft or weaker Brexit.

    But is it worth going through the pain considering a soft or weaker weaker Brexit.

    Why not save the turmoil and have another referendum. Maybe the younger voters will now realise they have to vote and Brexit will be forgotten

    Brexit and an Election WHAT NEXT ?

    Having an election before Brexit. This appears to gives the Government a chance to impose more ways of getting our money. ie rewrite the Manifesto.

    The country has also had to accept for years that dementia is not an illness and we have to pay for it. Really?

    Now The Government are kidding us that 100 K is the way forward and we should be content with the government allowing us to keep 100 K of our inheritance. By the way you pay everything else over when  your dead.

    The election is unfortunately a diversion. We should be thinking more about Brexit and dealing with it.

    We have unfortunately managed to get ourselves into voting for Brexit because Cameron could not work with the European Union. There is a need for The European Union to change attitude and work more for the countries they represent.

    That does not mean we stop immigrants. Control it maybe if you can.

    We need immigrants from Europe to work with us and for us. So why don’t we go with Europe policy for now and wait for  them modify their immigration policy. There is nothing stopping us monitoring the immigration without restriction unless they are criminal etc.

    Trading-do we want to trade outside The European Union . Europe are are neighbours and our friends. We should trade with them first. They are on our doorstep.

    Are the conservatives going in the right way to improve living and trading conditions. I think not.







    Leaving The EU is much more complicated than we all thought. Do we continue in it and change the rules.

    Employment- We still need to allow employers employ Euro Nationals. We have do not have enough trained educated candidates in the UK. Extreme control over stopping immigration will be harmful and disaster for us.

    Trade- its good that we could get trading with who we want. There is still a strong need to continual trading with Europe.running the two systems would be better for all EU Members

    Election is a bit of a gamble

    Half the country never wanted to get out of Europe. They still do not.
    They will not vote Labour because it would be a wasted vote.
    They could vote Lib Dem hoping that a power shift away from The Conservatives will dilute a Hard Brexit.

    Brexit again it will not go away

    We had the vote because the politicians could not decide whether we stayed in The EU.
    Just over half of the country agreed to leave.
    We are really still in a position where half the country wants to stay in.
    How can we find a solution to sort this.
    The only answer is we have to go forward in the interest of the country. NOT THE INDIVIDUAL.

    Brexit is still not looking well

    The government seem to be doing what governments are good at. Do every thing the population do not want.

    Most people probably voted out because the EU would not listen and would not put some control over immigration. I say control I do not mean preventing or creating state registers.

    I agree Human rights also made it difficult for governments to have some control ie to prevent the wrong people getting into a country. How far do we want to control. We will never be able to control everyone and why would we want to.


    Most of the cameras installed in UK government sites appear to be made in China.
    Its time the orders were given to a company that is UK based.

    Hinkley Point Power Station the other issue- Will it ever get built maybe The Government takes that view.
    We will see how we get on with the high powered batteries concept that is built into houses to store wind and solar energy.

    The UK Now

    Our main focus should be to deal with Brexit

    The panic is over and we appear to have calmed down. Everything is geared to EU finance or put it another way our finance that goes to the EU.

    We need to re structure all this so it works for us.

    We appear to be floating on air and need some solid policies to show we are taking the break with EU.

    The meeting of the Mayor of Paris and The Mayor of London was a good start.Most countries have Mayors and it needs to be used to link in with these countries.

    • DDG Wolff calls for deepening work on “Trade for Peace” efforts
      At a concluding session of the WTO’s “Trade for Peace” week on 4 December, Deputy Director-General Alan Wolff outlined potential future actions to deepen cooperation between the WTO and the humanitarian and peace communities so that multilateral trade can contribute to peace efforts. He particularly underlined the role trade can play in Africa to help […]
    • Electronics and automotive products lift global merchandise trade in Q3, services lag behind
      The third quarter of 2020 saw a partial recovery of world trade in manufactured goods, led by electronics, textiles and automotive products, as production resumed and lockdown measures were eased in major economies, new WTO statistics show. However, despite substantial improvement in recent months, merchandise trade is still well below 2019 levels, and preliminary estimates […]
    • Germany, Estonia contribute to EIF to help poorest countries expand role in world trade
      Germany and Estonia have pledged EUR 815,000 to the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) at the programme’s bi-annual Steering Committee meeting on 3 December. The meeting highlighted ways of helping least-developed-countries (LDCs) enhance their trading capacities and deal with the new challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • DDG Agah: Trade key to mitigating impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Africa
      Trade will play a key role in helping Africa to improve living standards and mitigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Deputy Director-General Yonov Frederick Agah said on 3 December. In remarks delivered to the annual meeting of the Africa Economic Zones Organization, DDG Agah said successful implementation of the new African Continental Free […]
    • UK and Switzerland confirm participation in revised government procurement pact
      Switzerland and the United Kingdom have completed the final step for making their respective participation in the revised Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) effective. As of 1 January 2021, the revised GPA will be in force for Switzerland, and the UK will be a party to the accord in its own right.
    • “Pressing needs for a breakthrough” in WTO farm trade talks
      Deputy Director-General Alan Wolff urged WTO members on 2 December to push for extensive reform of existing global farm trade rules, declaring a “pressing need for a breakthrough” on all major subjects under negotiation. In remarks delivered to a Virtual WTO Agriculture Symposium, DDG Wolff noted that for issues such as agricultural subsidies, there were […]
    • WTO members conclude cluster of fisheries subsidies meetings
      On 2 December, at the conclusion of two days of meetings at the level of heads of delegation, the chair of the Negotiating Group on Rules, Ambassador Santiago Wills of Colombia, said he will continue his consultations with WTO members on the next steps in the negotiations.
    • DDG Wolff pays tribute to James Wolfensohn
      Deputy Director-General Alan Wolff has paid tribute to former World Bank President James Wolfensohn, who passed away on 25 November. His remarks were delivered at a webinar co-sponsored by the WTO and World Bank on 2 December.
    • Aid for Trade stocktaking event to examine impact of COVID-19 on developing countries
      An online information session was held by the WTO on 2 December to prepare for an Aid for Trade “stocktaking event” to be held online on 23 — 25 March 2021. Organized by the Committee on Trade and Development, the online event is set to examine the trade and development challenges arising from the COVID-19 […]
    • China pledges USD 500,000 to support WTO accession and least developed countries
      The government of China has pledged to renew its contribution of USD 500,000 (CHF 451,500) to the WTO’s Least Developed Countries and Accessions Programme (also known as the China Programme) in 2020. The contribution was confirmed on 1 December 2020 at a signing ceremony with WTO Deputy Director-General Yonov Frederick Agah and China’s Ambassador to […]
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